A Must-Read Guide Before Hiring a Car in Dubai

When it comes to travel, we usually stress and pay more attention to the bigger things such as our travel tickets, accommodation bookings, and reservations to restaurants and attractions we wish to see while on our trip. Quite often things such as rental car hire become a thought in the back of your mind and it's something that is done usually while multitasking. This is a huge mistake; we often miss out on hire car Dubai cheap packages because we book the first thing we see without much further consideration. When you visit places like Dubai, you want to optimize the money you have and not waste it on paying more for things you did not have to pay more for.

We have compiled a must-read list of things you should take note of before you hire a car in Dubai.

Do Not Pick Up the Car at the Airport

This may seem counterproductive, however, when you opt instead to take an Uber to a location of the company where you are renting it will save you a bunch of money. The Uber ride will be a fraction of the money you save by picking the car up at a different location.

Wear a Seatbelt

Wear a Seatbelt

We all know it is in our best interest to drive with a seatbelt on, however, we know quite a few of us are guilty of driving around without wearing a seatbelt. Not wearing a seat belt is a traffic violation and should you get pulled over you will be charged an extra penalty for getting a fine.

Use the Car for Its Purpose

It may be cheaper to hire an economy-class sedan as opposed to an SUV, however, if you plan on going on terrain that the car is not meant for you may incur damages that will not be covered by your insurance. Urban economy cars are meant for city streets, not the desert landscape.

Find Out What Fuel Your Rental Car Uses

There is nothing worse than assuming your rental uses a petrol engine when in fact it has a diesel engine. By topping up with the wrong fuel you can destroy the car’s engine motor and that will cost a ton of money to repair. The devil is in the details on this one.

Opt for the Full Damage Waiver Insurance

Opt for the Full Damage Waiver Insurance

Many people take out insurance on their rental cars, however, they only opt for the basic cover which means when they get into an accident, they may well still need to pay extra money for repairs. If you are going to be taking out insurance, be sure to get the full damage waiver insurance, that way you won’t ever need to pay extra money for repairs.

When one chooses to hire a car in Dubai or any other city, there are many things to consider, we have just highlighted some of the things that are most commonly overlooked and can often end up causing a lot of damage financially. Be sure to do a lot of research before your trip to ensure you make the best choices and get the best rental car.

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