How to Spot A Fake Tyre?

When purchasing tires for your car, you should check various factors to ascertain that you are buying an original tyre and not a replica or a fake. Here are some important tips you should follow for separating a fake tire from an original one.

Buy It from A Reputable Source

We recommend you buy tyres online UAE from a reputable site. Ask people where they get their tires from and read a lot of customer reviews to determine the authenticity of a source that sells car tyres.


Original tires are always black, not dark grey or blackish. If you think the tire isn’t black enough, chances are it’s fake and you should drop the deal and move on.

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This is an easy one. You don’t buy an original Valentino item from a roadside stall. Similarly, if you want an original tyre of a reputed brand, you will most likely not get it in an alleyway. Instead, try going to a showroom or on a well-known tire-selling website.

Check Them

Don’t hesitate to push and kick the tire around when checking if it’s a fake. Fake tires aren’t as durable as even the basic real tires. If you observe any dents or damage, it is a fake. Fakes are made of cheap material and are potentially dangerous when driving.

Ask for Paperwork

Make sure you collect the proper paperwork from the tire-selling shop where you have decided to make a purchase. If you observe any refusal or hesitancy from the seller when you make this proposal, cancel the order and move to another reliable source. Chances are the seller isn’t selling you authentic goods. A seller selling original tires will readily provide you with owner documents and warranty cards.

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Check the Tread

Authentic tires have pretty deep tread voids. Do check if the tread is as deep as that of an original tire. If it isn’t deep enough, then the tire is most likely to be a fake or a secondhand item.

Attention to Detail

Fakes are cheap copies of the original tires. If you pay enough attention, you can point out any minute changes done on a fake like misspellings. Look for markings on the sidewall of the tire that is found on real tires. These markings are numbers and details about the tire. Ask the seller to explain the markings to remove any doubt that the tire is authentic. If the seller is not a fraud, they will likely tell you in great detail about it.

These were our picks of guidelines on identifying a fake tyre from a real one. Stay safe from fraudulent sellers and weak tires. Call Tires & More now to book a set of sturdy and original tires.

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