The Essentials of Ordering Sushi

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The blog below is to help you order sushi Dubai in the best way possible. Not everyone will enjoy every kind of sushi which is why you should know what kind of sushi will suit your taste buds and health restrictions.

Know Good Sushi

If you have had bad sushi in the past, it is most probably because it wasn’t well made. A well-prepared sushi tastes absolutely amazing and not like a lump of soft overcooked rice. Cooking rice while making sushi needs a lot of skill and technique and rice has a lot of cultural importance too. All the ingredients in a sushi need to be finely chopped. This is why going to a good sushi place is the right way to eat sushi. 

How to Choose A Sushi Place?

You need to see to it that you order sushi from a decent restaurant with good reviews from their customers. With that, you also must know the kind of sushi you will be ordering. You should know how nigiri, sashimi, maki and temaki are different from each other. This is so that you don’t end ordering something you didn’t want.

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Keep the Order Simple

While ordering in or going to a sushi restaurant, all you need to do is know what you and order accordingly. If you liked a sushi kind the last time, it is good to order it again. However, don’t be stubborn about sticking to the fish from last time. Sushi chefs know exactly which fish will be good for your order. So, don’t hesitate to ask them about the fish of the day at their place. It will be better prepared and tastier that way. 

According to us, this technique is the best way to order sushi. These are the three terminologies you can keep in mind:

Okimari - This means that you have already decided what you want. You have had a look at the menu and figured out what you want. This is how you order fish quickly.

Okonomi - This way to order revolves around the fish aspect. It means ‘as I like it’. This is when you know your sushi taste and preference.  

Omakase - If you are new to the sushi part of Japanese culture and you aren’t sure what any of the items on the menu will look or taste like, simply ask the restaurant for assistance. You can rely on the chef to suggest the best options. For a first timer, this way is better than just taking an estimate of the taste and ordering the item. If you say Omakase you should expect more fish than rice.  

For a great sushi recommendation, order now from one of the best sushi places.

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