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The typical cost of cleaning of country houses and townhouses:

Attention! Final cleaning cost is calculated individually due to the uniqueness of each of the houses. The cost comes not only from the number of square meters, but also on the amount of furniture, bathrooms and other parameters, so the base price of the regular cleaning can vary both upwards and downwards.

Life in a country house or cottage a lot more attractive than in a typical apartment. However, the possession of a large house and spacious yard has a downside – all these areas must be removed. For today's busy women, this is truly an impossible task. In this situation you will need a professional aid of our specialists.

Interaction occurs according to the following scheme: the owner of the house is drawn to the cleaning company, specifies the scope of work and assigns the cleaning. In some cases you may require additional specialist who will assess the degree of contamination and be able more correctly to pick up cleaning supplies and equipment.

On the appointed day in the cottage comes several cleaners and immediately split into groups. The first one starts to wash the Windows, stained glass windows and glazed loggia. The second deals with mattresses and upholstered furniture. From the surface removes stains and visible dirt, and then all the soft interior cleaned from dust with a powerful steam generator. Next, wet cleaning walls and ceilings. Damp sponge wipe all lampshades and chandeliers. Wooden pieces of furniture rubbed special polishing compounds that additionally have antistatic properties.

Premiere Cleaning-Cottage Cleaning-in-Dubai

After the main part of the cleaning of cottage - living rooms, bedrooms, a library is made, the cleaners go to the kitchen, which usually is the most polluted place in the house. Cleaning starts with cleaning the walls from grease and dirt. Next, wash the hob, oven, dishwasher and microwave. Cleaned work surfaces and fronts of kitchen units. If necessary, the cleaners, the cleaning staff wash the dishes. After the kitchen comes the turn of heads. The toilets are treated with a special disinfectant compositions, they set the blocks fresheners. Surface baths, shower cabins and other sanitary equipment removes the patina and rust.

At the final stage, washing the floors over the whole area of a country house. In case the flooring from laminate or parquet boards, it is further polished with putty – it keeps the original appearance and luster. The cleaners take out all the garbage, then the customer takes work. If the cleaning is not satisfactory, then sign the certificate of completion and the landlord pays the agreed amount in advance.

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