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This service appeared in Dubai recentlym so many companies immediately began to offer eco cleaning apartments. But not always the name means the real services, because demand creates supply, and some companies simply switched the service to your price list, on the other hand, slightly raising the price on regular cleaning.

Let's face it, what's the environmental cleaning of the apartment? When this type of cleaning are the first and mandatory rule - use disposable means of cleaning and safe, the so-called ecological chemistry. These tools are manufactured by several companies long enough, but there's a variety of unique and fakes, so this is what you should look for when ordering eco cleaning.

In our company we have developed our own technological sequence eco cleaning due to the large experience and many so-called "advanced" customers from Europe, where this form of harvesting is very common. Our specialists are also trained in the use of "green" funds and can easily answer your questions while doing the cleaning.

And, of course, our partners company Kiehl provide us with the full spectrum of "green" funds certificates, so if you are unsure, you can always specify the names of the specific chemistry of our assistants over the phone and independently explore the reviews and view media. They are all certified according to the highest requirement of the European Commission and passed the required tests, absolutely safe for humans and animals.

While eco cleaning significantly increases the price, as it greatly increases the cost due to the use of eco chemicals and disposable tools and instruments cleaning.A full range of tools for carrying out the present environmental cleaning in world's leading standard in our arsenal, using our own technology, we have developed taking into account Dubai apartment buildings. The cost of a typical eco cleaning (fast cleaning) of the apartment:

Apartment 1 room 2 room 3 room 4 room
The cost 2520 2100 2800 4060
Window cleaning services 250 250 250 250

Advanced Eco cleaning:

Only use Ecover tools, including degreasers and disinfectant compositions for furniture, floor, kitchen and bathroom plus 40% of the order value

Attention! Tell in advance if the apartment is heavily polluted as heavily soiled areas in need of special cleaning tools and extra hardware, it dramatically influences the result. Heavily contaminated apartments are equal to cleaning

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