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Premiere Cleaning-Frontage Cleaning-in-Dubai

Any cleaning facades presents a number of difficulties, chief among them is the height. At high altitude it is difficult and dangerous to clean the windows and walls, so the best way to solve this problem - call the professionals. We have all necessary licenses and certificates to perform work at height, so the specialists of our cleaning company ready to take up the cleaning facades of any administrative or multistory residential building. During the process we use the latest achievements of technology and chemicals of modern generation

How we provide our services

We use several methods for cleaning facades, so that the customer can choose the most convenient for him, given the speed of work and material costs. Our washing can be performed with:

  • High water pressure washers, which are designed to scrape the surface with large, local pollution;
  • special brushes with soft bristles that are used to clean small parts, cracks and depressions;
  • alkaline solutions and special chemicals, which are used to remove trudnootmyvaemyh, oil stains;
  • soaking technology, in which the facade surface is sprayed by cleaning solution, then it is left for a few days and was washed with water and brushes;
  • hot pressurized steam. This method of purification is the most modern and fast, which is able to eliminate even the toughest stains.
Premiere Cleaning-Frontage Cleaning-in-Dubai

We also provide services for polishing floors to make them brith like diamonds

We do not use in the cleaning of buildings soap solution, as they can leave stains on the surface and this way of cleaning is not effective. Also brushes wipes and scrapers used while we are providing our services are of highest quality

The pricing policy of the company

AED 30 – 60 per square meter

Typically, the cost of cleaning the facades is calculated taking into account the complexity of work, type of building, the use of a particular method of treatment. Buildings recommended to be washed at least once a year, and glass, two or three times. If the construction height of more than two floors, work on cleaning becomes more complicated as it is necessary to use climbing equipment. For more information on the service, you can always get information from our managers.

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Premiere Cleaning

Premiere Cleaning is a professional provider of cleaning services. Our skilled staff and high technology equipment allow to perform cleaning works at a high quality level.


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