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Premiere Cleaning offers cleaning services for apartments, houses and villas. Depending on customer preferences and requirements, we perform express, standard and VIP cleaning procedures. They differ with execution periodicity and a filth level. Post-construction and post-renovation works belong to a separate category of cleaning services.

  • express services imply dry and wet cleaning of all furniture surfaces, floors, window-sills and mirrors, as well as cleanup of sanitary equipment and major household appliances.
  • standard services are performed in a more profound manner. They include cleanup of doorways, decorative interior elements and accessories, as well as polish of heating radiators, glazed tiles and furniture.
  • And finally, full-scale cleaning is directed at removal of smoke-black, pet fur, dirt and toxic dust, located at inaccessible places. Depending on material qualities, our personnel uses high-temperature or mild cleaning methods. Such procedures have an antibacterial effect and are perfect for nurseries, pet holders and highly allergic individuals.


Every house owner is free to apply for the most suitable cleaning service. We will be glad to provide delicate assistance or heavy duty services to every customer. As a rule, even a single cleaning session from Premiere Cleaning allows to reduce frequency of cleaning, due to exceptional accuracy of our services. Save your time and effort for bigger and exciting projects, and let professionals to take care of the cleaning business!

The cleanliness in the apartment is the key to health and prosperity of family members. Perfect order attracts attention, though not in itself visible, making the house cozy and nice.
Modern life sometimes does not permit landlords to conduct their own cleaning of the apartment, especially on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are several ways out of this situation. For example, you can hire the services of private traders and not to any warranty or to contact the company providing similar services on a professional level.

The last option is the most convenient and economical. The essence of the cleaning company is the cleaning of the apartment quickly, efficiently and professionally. For this we have created all the conditions and taken into account all the nuances. Even the pickiest customer will be satisfied with the quality of cleaning of apartments in Dubai.

What are the advantages of using our services in comparison with private companies?

Professional cleaning of apartments in Dubai:

One of the most pleasant advantages is efficiency. We may have the lowest rates regarding the quality of services provided. All cleaning costs borne by our Bureau: salaries, equipment, form, home tools. With long-term cooperation, you can count on discounts or bonuses in the form of any free services (polishing, disinfection) which is most pleasant to any customer.

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Premiere Cleaning

Premiere Cleaning is a professional provider of cleaning services. Our skilled staff and high technology equipment allow to perform cleaning works at a high quality level.


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