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Premiere Cleaning-Office Cleaning-in-DubaiCleanliness and order are one of the key characteristics of every modern office, shop or trading site. Premiere Cleaning office services allow to release personnel from their workplace maintenance, save at washing products and apply for cleaning assistance only when its necessary. Our specialists work at creation and support of favorable work conditions and comfort. It goes without saying, that corporate culture and professional microclimate are strongly influenced by employment standards, practicing by a company. Care and attention to your personnel is a foundation of productive and long-term cooperation.

It is especially important to pay close attention to a workplace condition, if its visited by customers, guests, partners, contractors or even competitors. A perfectly maintained office creates an impression of a solid and respectable enterprise. Let your clients see the results of professional management and work of reliable people.

Office services from Premiere Cleaning include:

  • windows and window frames cleaning;
  • dusting of all horizontal and vertical surfaces, such as walls, ceilings, floors, mirrors and furniture;
  • washing of heating radiators, doors, doorways, decorative elements and accessories;
  • vacuuming of carpets, textile and leather furniture;
  • floors mopping, including moldings;
  • cleaning and sanitation of sanitary equipment, including tiles, baths and shower cabins;
  • kitchenette cleaning, including culinary household appliances.
Premiere Cleaning-Office Cleaning-in-Dubai


Clean office space is the guarantee of health, good mood and efficiency of employees of any company, institution or organization. However, to maintain cleanliness and order requires periodic cleaning.

The cost of cleaning office premises:
Type of cleaning to 100 sqm up to 200 sqm up to 300 sqm more than 300 sqm. Support 60 Aed / 1 sq. m. 55 AED / 1 sq. m. 50 AED / 1 sq. m. the individual terms General 90 AED / 1 sq. m. 80 AED / 1 sq. m. 70 R / 1 sq. m. the individual terms

Additionally, you will be able to order the washing of windows, cleaning of carpet and upholstered furniture, and other services. Individual calculation is made for each object, leave a request on the calculation of your office and within the hour we will calculate the full price of the scheduled cleaning.

What is included in standard support cleaning of office?

  • Wet cleaning (Wiping of doors, radiators, window sills);
  • Cleaning dust from all surfaces with a vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner carpet, entrance groups (rugs);
  • Washing and disinfection of bathrooms;
  • Emptying the trash, replacing the trash bags in the baskets;
  • Care of plants in the office, watering, wiping the dust (in agreement).

Today more and more companies abandon the traditional approach to maintenance of their offices in the purity that was maintained by staff. Currently, it's much more efficient from an economic point of view and more profitable to enter into contracts with specialized cleaning companies to which cleaning of offices is the main activity.

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Premiere Cleaning is a professional provider of cleaning services. Our skilled staff and high technology equipment allow to perform cleaning works at a high quality level.


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