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Professional cleaning services are perfect solution for post-renovation operations, heavy construction works, fires and other kinds of major impurities. The mentioned cases require a highly qualified approach, which guarantees rational usage of time, efficient organization of works and exceptional results at minimal time investment. The Premiere Cleaning professional team has accomplished numerous post-renovation projects and gained solid experience at quick and effective cleaning techniques. Cleaning services release property owners from time-consuming efforts. As a rule, traditional household appliances don’t have the needed functional range for qualitative and lasting results.

Modern chemical products and high technology equipment allow to get rid of old stains, oil, paint and rust. Our specialists use a wide assortment of care products, adjusted to specific surfaces and kinds of impurities. In order to protect materials from damage, we apply special products for wood, stone, tiles, textile and painted surfaces. All chemicals have pleasant and light fragrances, bringing freshness into a room. As a rule, post-renovation cleaning includes the following services:

  • wet cleaning of hard-surfaced floors, such as parquet, laminate and linoleum;
  • dry cleaning of carpets;
  • dusting and radiators wash;
  • dusting and cleaning of all horizontal surfaces;
  • doorway and doors wash;
  • stains removal from all metal, glass and stone surfaces;
  • ventilation slots wash;
  • complex cleaning of sanitary facilities;
  • upholstery dry cleaning.

The finishing chord of any repair is cleaning. Most average residents doing this on their own, and someone uses the services of cleaning companies. Self-cleaning of the apartment after repair saves money, but requires additional force after the already tedious repair, but the experts have in their Arsenal a lot of quality detergents to buy that for once is just impractical.

If you decide to clean it yourself, you first need to get rid of large construction debris, concrete, bricks, sand, plaster. But in order to avoid penalties it is not necessary to throw such rubbish in the bins standing near the entrances, because they are not designed for such waste. But long time, there are companies that are engaged in civilized export of such waste.

After conducting whitening or plastering work usually remain frozen spray of cement. If the solution gets on the plastic window, to get rid of it by using titanium sponge pre-moistened with water. If the spray is left on the ceramic surface, will help 5% solution of hydrochloric acid or special means, for example, "Antiques". The same applies to baths. A spatula and a damp cloth will help to remove the remnants of the Fugue. Similarly, the action has drug "LITOKOL" or "Letatlin". Different acidic agents that will remove cement stains from the floor, but pick them carefully, considering the type of floor covering, because what is suitable for parquet, carpet can hurt. However, with such linoleum cement splashes can be removed in the usual blade, but this should be done very carefully so as not to cut it. With these surfaces it is necessary to clean ink spots. We must also not forget to remove the construction tape and glue from furniture, mirrors and windows.

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Premiere Cleaning is a professional provider of cleaning services. Our skilled staff and high technology equipment allow to perform cleaning works at a high quality level.


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