How to Get the Best Yacht Charter Deals

We all look for fun activities to take our mind off our hectic day-to-day routine. Yacht chartering has become the new trend in Dubai among youngsters. They rent a motor yacht to travel to coastal islands or have a social gathering in the middle of the sea.

If you are planning a yacht charter for the first time, there are a few things you should consider. Plan your routes before you book a yacht, gather some friends, and decide on a budget. There are a lot of yacht charter services in Dubai that offer several different deals. To get the best possible deal, here are five essential tips you should know.

Yacht Tour Prices Dubai

Last Minute Booking Works

Contrary to popular belief, it is best to make last-minute bookings to get the lowest prices. Many yacht services tend to slash their prices if the business isn’t booming. It’s better to charter empty yachts at a lower price rather than not renting at all. However, you’ll need to do a lot of research to find a last-minute yacht service that can accommodate your dates, destination, and boat specifications.

Compare Prices

Most people make the mistake of not doing enough research and end up with a bad deal. To get the best out of a yacht rental, you should estimate how much each yacht charter company is charging you for their services. It is imperative to compare yacht tour prices to make sure that you are getting the best deal for the money you are spending.

Yacht Tour Prices UAE

Consider Yachting Off-Peak Season

November to March is considered a peak season in Dubai. In peak seasons, you should expect to pay up to 50% more for a yachting experience. If you want a good deal, it is best to plan a yacht charter between August and September. During this off-peak season, you get the advantage of the lowest airfares, hotel charges, and yacht charter deals. If you are new to the idea of luxury yacht cruise, hop on to, they are one of the leading yacht charter companies in the UAE.

Look for Special Offers

Most yacht services allow fun enthusiasts to save money with exclusive benefits. These are limited-time offers to grab customer attention, so you should always be on a lookout. The best way to receive these special offers is to contact these yacht services and subscribe to their newsletters. You will get a notification on your email whenever there is a special offer.

Avoid Holiday Period

It is a no-brainer that Dubai is the busiest on school holidays. Most parents and youngsters are out on a picnic or having a party. Yacht rental services make use of these holidays by increasing their service prices. There are still many discounts available, but it is best if you avoid yachting during the holiday period. Not only is it more expensive but Dubai is jam-packed in holidays, and it becomes very challenging to have a quiet, relaxing, and stress-free time.

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