How to grow in Middle East!

Food and Beverage regulatory affairs in the Middle East, refers to the desire of the government to protect public health by controlling safety and efficiency of products of food and beverages.
The following are the regulatory needs in the Middle East for food and beverages companies. Whether you want to expand to the Middle East or want to start a company, these are important factors to follow.

  1. Nitaqat: Nitaqat is the Saudi labor law that requires an international company to replace workers with locals.

  2. The Gulf standards organization has a food committee chaired by Qatar. These look upon into two categories of Halal. One that is for generic Halal requirements and others that are especially labeled Halal. Halal means lawful that is for Muslims to eat.

  3. Since 2003, Middle East has made it mandatory to charge 5% on custom tariff on all processed foods and beverages.

  4. Since Islamic law forbids pork and alcohol, the companies are required to make sure that while being set in Middle East, there is no pork or alcohol on the multinational chain and on processed foods.

  5. Branding needs to be powerful and the name is required to suggest what the company offers.

  6. Islamic law forbids dating and courtship hence you cannot advertise romance and couples retreats on your products. Make sure nothing is like that in the Middle East

  7. Make sure that your new company does not have women working side by side with men since the Islamic law prohibits that too.

  8. Since the Middle East works on Shariah, criminal and local law, there is no such franchise law.

  9. If you are setting up a food and beverage restaurant then make sure that your setting allows the genders to be separated since Islamic law suggests that unmarried men and women do not interact any way possible

  10. You can not, repeat not; open clubs and bars. However, coffee shops are open to all provided they sell Halal food.

  11. Make sure to thoroughly check the service licenses and present them at the time of need. Make sure they are local or locally approved.

  12. In the Middle East, you are required to print translations on your labels as well so that the locals understand what is written on your products

  13. You are required to have at least one local sponsor key to run your business in the Middle East!

A regulatory company like the food and drug administration is built to maintain the quality for the public. Another such example is RAQAM Consultancy Company that is a renowned company in the Middle East.

RAQAM is a food and beverage regulatory needs company that helps its clients to maintain their quality for the pubic with their products. The products are under strict check-in balance and are ensured to the best of quality. RAQAM covers KSA, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco!


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