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Best Safari Dubai

Dubai is a magical city known for its towering buildings and many beautiful malls. However, the best safari Dubai can show you that this city has more than that. It will take you on a tour if the desert outside the city where you there is potential to have quite a lot of fun. One of the ways to have fun outside the city is by taking a camel ride.

Take a break from the City

Whether you are visiting or you live in Dubai, a desert safari can be a lot of fun. It will give you a much-needed break from the large city and all its noise and concrete. Experiencing nature that is untouched by man can help you calm your mind and reconnect with the world it will help you appreciate just how magnificent our world is. This can even help to change your view of the world and make you more positive. Besides that, fun experience as a couple can be useful; it will help you grow your love and lead to a happier marriage. Take a trip today organized by Arooha Tours to change your view of nature.

It might not look like it, but there are several things to do in the desert. One way to have fun in the Dubai desert is through sandboarding. It works just like snowboarding but on the sand. It is even better since the sand is not seasonal. You can have fun sandboarding no matter what time of the year it is. Our experienced drivers will drive you to the best spot for sandboarding where you can let your hair down and have a perfect time. You only need to have a little faith that fun and driving in the desert can work. From there, our drivers will come to pick you up and drop you off back home once the fun is over.

Fun in the Desert

One fun activity in the desert is dune bashing. It entails surfing the sand dunes in a powerful 4x4 machine. The vehicles are well maintained, and they all have air conditioning. This is meant to increase the amount of fun and relaxation possible. Besides that, you could opt to ride a dune buggy. You will be taken to the desert and then provided with the dune buggy. An instructor will guide you on a scenic route as you zip by feeling the wind in your face.

If you opt for the overnight option, you will get to spend your night in a tent in the desert. You will be served some awesome BBQ and be entertained by a troupe of belly dancers. Later, you will be served with some beverages and given the Arabian dates to top it all off. What a way to end a safari right?

For the best safari Dubai, contact Arooha tours. There is loads of fun in the desert than you might think. Book a tour today to experience the magnificent desert and all its hidden secrets.

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