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When buying a brand new or second-hand car, there is always a manual that tells the owner about all the things about maintenance of the car. Many people do not bother to read the manual and when they face problems they do not know how to solve the problem and then there comes the role of the mechanic. 

Characteristics of a good mechanic

  • The best skill a mechanic should have is to communicate well with the customers. Whenever a car problem arises the people get panicked, a mechanic should be able to communicate properly with customers so that he would understand and calm down.
  • A good mechanic is able to understand the problems of the customer as the customer is not professional he will only tell you about symptoms, it is up to the mechanic to diagnose the problem.
  • Mechanics should have a keen eye for the problems so that will be easier for them to treat.
  • A mechanic should have the basic knowledge about every type of car so that it would not be a problem for him when he comes to treat a car that is new for him. He should do his research for every kind of the car that has been invented.
  • A mechanic should remain up to date with the technologies that are advancing day by day. He should know of all the new spare parts and the new equipment’s and also to the new devices that will help him in the future.
  • A mechanic should be committed to his work because there is no work done without passion and commitment.
  • Many mechanics are not certified but if they have one degree that will make a good impression on the customers

Problems Regarding Mechanics

What are the various problems that a mechanic will face when it comes to dealing with the car?


  • Tires

When it comes to tires there are many issues the mechanic will face. Most of the problems include cupping, feathering and a flat tire. In Dubai, the most common problem related to tires is a flat tire that can be due to the garbage that is on the roads. A flat tire is the most common issues because the roads are littered with nails and pointy items that can bust the tire.

  • Battery

When it comes to car battery installation Dubai. Most of the batteries used are made up of lead acid batteries. And the problem with them is their acid stratification or sulfation. That is the problem where the sulphur becomes deposited on the bottom and the engine would not crank up. Most of the times the problem is solved with shaking the battery a little but it can become worse and there could be a need to change the tires.

A good roadside company has the well-maintained reputation and well-qualified staff and up to date equipment’s so that they will do their work more efficiently.

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