The Used Paper Industry

Recycled paperThe research on recycling and the importance of conserving energy that would otherwise be consumed by manufacturing and processing systems has become much more suggestive in recent times.

People and states across the world have begun to better understand the importance of implementing strategies to limit the production of waste and maximize efficiency.

As such, there are several products that have come to be known as more valuable than otherwise thought, and that would alternatively be part of the trash.

Scrap and used paper in UAE is one such commodity. Although previously, the paper used to be thrown away and would end up in a landfill, today, it is considered an important material thanks to reusing methods, which allow its use in newspapers, magazines, and packing processes by paper manufacturers in UAE.

This segment has changed a lot in recent years, as even corporate players have begun to realize how lucrative piles of scrap paper can be. The competition for bids on scrap paper recycled by residents or the stock the ends up in landfills is intense, with prices as high as $100 per ton in countries that have high paper recycling rates.

Saving Forests

Paper and associated paper materials such as cardboard, magazine pages, and newspapers are made from wood pulp, which comes from the bark of trees. Most of us know that this leads to forests being cut down to satisfy the demand for high-quality paper products.

Saving forestsRecycling and reusing paper materials means, depending on the rate of recycling and the seriousness of the government, that a lot more trees stay where they are.

In some European countries, the levels of recycling and state initiatives allow for half the stock required for the manufacture of paper to come from recycling methods.

The importance states and communities give to paper recycling initiatives plays an important role because depending on how organized these are, some facilities can be made capable of producing all of their new paper from recycled batches.


Recycled paper is far more superior to freshly manufactured paper in terms of the environmental and carbon footprint as well.

It consumes less than half the water used otherwise, and an even lower amount of energy.

The willingness of residential communities in helping save their forests and indulge in recycling paper such as food board paper is crucial to reducing the impact of fresh manufacturing since this is where most of the used paper supply comes from.

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