Tips For Effective Spring Cleaning

Winter is almost over and spring is just right around the corner. When spring comes up, the annual spring cleaning is the first thing that comes to my mind.

The challenge in every spring cleaning is the stubborn dirt and dust that are unreachable or hard to remove. First Call Cleaning Services LLC provides tips for effective spring cleaning.


Cleaning services for your home and officeOver time, your cabinets, especially your kitchen cabinets, can be filled with dirt that is hard to remove. Sometimes wiping it is not enough to remove the dirt. It would be better to use cabinet creams to clean your cabinets easily. Cabinet cream is a great help in removing cooking oil residues, food stains, and more that makes it unappealing to you.


Your windows are a great help in making a homey ambiance to your house but sometimes it can be a victim of unwanted dirt. This upcoming spring cleaning, make sure to wash your windows inside and outside. One tip? Wash those during a cloudy day to make sure that the sun won’t dry up the cleanser before wiping it. Also, don’t forget to wipe the corners of your windows that is oftentimes forgotten.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel makes your house looks elegant but it can also make your house looks gruesome without the proper way of cleaning it. To make a sparkly effect and more presentable stainless steel, you can use wax-based aerosol spray but don’t use too much because it can make your stainless steel looks grimy. You should continue this solution every once or twice a week.

Your Refrigerator

Cleaning wooden floorOne of the hardest things to clean inside your house is the refrigerator. This means cleaning the refrigerator from the inside out. It’s easier to clean the outside first then the inside. For the outside cleaning, spray your refrigerator’s surface with water and soap solution. You can also do this in the inside. Remove all the shelves first and spray the solution on the inside walls. After that wipe, down the solution with a sponge. For the inside, make sure to throw away expired food that can make your refrigerator smelly. However speaking of smell, if there are unwanted smell inside your fridge, you can put a charcoal inside to remove the smell.

Wooden Floors

We grew for a fact that mopping your wooden floor every week will make it shinier than before but it can actually ruin it. Instead, you can use hardwood spray and wet clean it everyone to two months. In that way, you can have shiny and cleaner wooden floors. Also, make sure to use trivets or saucers for your house plants to avoid water damage on your floor and don’t forget to use furniture protectors to avoid scratches.

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